Benefits of John Shelton Audio Online Mixing

Radio-Ready Results

Your final mixes will compete with those of artists at the highest levels and be ready for distribution, radio, and streaming.

Artist First Mentality

Mixes are based on the artist’s vision of the music and not a cookie cutter approach.

Sonic Quality

You will hear an unsurpassed level of clarity, separation, and vibe in your mixes that you never dreamed possible.

Project Based Pricing

Because everything is priced by the song and project, there’s no clock watching or cutting of corners to spare expense.

Mix Review & Revision

Once a mix is complete, you will get to review it and a revision will be made to assure it meets your expectations.

Access to Knowledge & Equipment

You will hear an unsurpassed level of clarity, separation, and vibe in your mixes that you never dreamed possible.

The Approach


As an engineer and a musician that provides online mixing for artists from a variety of genres on a daily basis, John understands how hard it is to write and record your songs and have them achieve their full potential.  That’s John’s primary objective: to make your music translate in a way that you never thought possible.  John treats each song he mixes like it is his own.  Trust John with your music and he will help you achieve sonic quality that will stand up to the best-produced artists in your genre!

Analog Mixing/Digital Power

The warmth and depth of analog mixing is truly unparalleled.  All online mixing with John is run through his SSL AWS 924 Delta console.  75% of Billboard Top 200 singles have been mixed on an SSL, and there’s a great reason for that! With 24 channels of analog EQ and the legendary SSL Master Bus Compressor, John is able to provide “that sound” for all his online mix projects.  Also, John combines the control and warmth of the console with dynamics processing by API and Empirical labs and Pultec and Neve style equalization.  All of this analog equipment is seamlessly integrated with an Avid Pro Tools HDX system, harnessing the precision and processing power of a full 24bit/192kHz digital system.  John also utilizes the best in digital processing by companies like Universal Audio, Sound Toyz, Slate Digital, iZotope, Fab Filter, Waves Audio, and Sonnox.  Finally, because the console utilizes the SSL Delta Control system, John is able to provide full analog volume automation controlled by the DAW, increasing fullness and bit depth.

Monitoring & Acoustics

John’s audio production facility, Edgewater Studios, was designed by world-famous Jeff Hedback of HdAcoustics, whose recording studios have been included in Mix Magazine’s Best-Of lists year after year.  The monitoring system, consisting of Focal SM9s and a Genelec 7070 sub, was designed by Russ Berger of the industry-leading Russ Berger Design Group (NFL Network, Lakewood Church, Paragon Studios).  Russ has served as President of the National Council of Acoustical Consultants and is a Fellow in the Acoustical Society of America and certified Edgewater’s mixing environment as extremely accurate.  John’s mix environment is a world-class, purpose-built space for online mixing.

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