Why Choose John?


John mixes tracks for artists on a daily basis.  He has the knowledge and experience to make your music translate in a way you never thought possible.


John’s audio production facility is a world-class, professionally designed, purpose-built mixing studio with a state-of-the-art monitoring by Focal, Genelec, and Yamaha.


John’s setup includes a SSL AWS 924 Delta console, dynamics processing by API and Empirical Labs, and a 24-bit/192kHz Pro Tools HDX system with digital processing.


About John

John provides online mixing for music in a wide variety of styles and genres by artists from all over the world from the elegance and comfort of his own world-class audio production facility, Edgewater Studios.

If you are an established artist that is looking to achieve major label results for your next project or an emerging, new talent looking to take your recorded music to the next level, John is here to help you achieve your sonic goals.

John takes a hybrid approach to online mixing, seamlessly blending the warmth and depth of a premier SSL analog console and high-end analog outboard equipment with the power and precision of high definition digital tools.

Utilizing some of the best gear in the industry, his deep skill set, and more than a decade of audio engineering experience, John can unlock the full potential of your music and help you on your way to musical success.

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